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ENG 112: Nature and Naturalism (Temple)

Use the resources in this guide as a starting point for learning about the main topics covered in this course.

Citation Examples

Set of black quotation marks.Important!

Instructors are the final authority on how they would like you to cite your work. Librarians will refer to the established handbooks when necessary to determine how to cite a particular resource.

Examples: MLA and APA

Finding Citations

puzzle piece labeled with "citation"Library databases provide a citation for each source that you can copy and paste into your reference list. If you find a source on the internet, you will have to create a citation by looking for the needed information.

Use Caution

Never assume you will get a perfect citation from citation generators or library databases. They will usually include most of the information needed, but spacing, punctuation, and capitalization tend to need corrections. 

Find the Citation

Click through the slides below to see examples of where you can find citations in various library databases.