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PSY 150: Suicide Rates in the U.S. and Beyond (Addison)

Resources for assignments in Addison's PSY 150 courses.

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Person sitting at the end of a pier; Title: Suicide Rates

This research guide provides resources that will help you complete the Global Suicide Rates assignment in Addison's PSY courses. If you need help, or have any questions about using the resources presented in this guide, ask a librarian.

How to Find Suicide Rates

You are to list the suicide rate for the United States along with any two countries of your choice. You will use the World Health Statistics Report from the World Health Organization (WHO) to find this data. The WHO reports suicide data for all countries per 100,000 people in order to account for differences in population.

Video Tutorial

Watch the tutorial so that you will know exactly how to use the World Health Statistics Report to find suicide stats for various countries.

What to look for . . .

The image below is an example of what to look for at the end of the World Health Statistics Reports. In this example from the 2021 report, ANNEX 1 includes regional highlights. The charts for each region (Africa, Asia, etc.) list the countries along with health data. One of the categories is "Suicide Mortality Rate."

Regional Suicide Rates