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Streaming Media

The Library provides a variety of streaming media databases that include documentaries, films, educational programming, and music.

About JoVE

What is JoVE?

JoVE includes videos and animations that you can watch instantly. PCC library patrons (students, staff, or community members) can view any of the films found in the database. Instructors can set up faculty accounts to get "extra" resources such as quizzes and curriculum mapping. PCC subscribes to JoVE Core, Science Education, and Lab Manual.

Jove Science Education homepage

Jove Core homepage

Jove Lab Manual homepage

Search Tips

Keyword Search

Type a keyword or phrase, such as cellular respiration, in the search box at the top of the screen, then click the Search icon.

If you get too many results, try adding more words to your search by using the options in the Refine Your Search section of the results page. For example, your could add the term ATP to the search. This would mean that the videos in the results list would have to mention both cellular respiration and ATP.

If you add too many words to the search, you can click the X icons to remove them and go back to your original results.

JoVE Keyword Search

Browse by Subject

Click the Science Education button in the navigation bar.

JoVE Science Education - Browse Button

Choose a topic to see a list of the videos and animations in that category.

JoVE Browse List

Notes for Instructors

Moodle LTI Plugin for JoVE

You can import JoVE content directly into your course by using the Moodle plugin. This is an easy way for your students to be able to click and play videos without having to log in again in order to view via the JoVE library database.

  1. In your course, click Create Learning Activity.
  2. Under Activities, choose External tool.
  3. Under Preconfigured tool, use the drop-down menu to choose Jove LTI Tool.
  4. Click Select Content
    • NOTE: When selecting from Videos, you will see either a green or grey dot at the end of the title. A green dot indicates that the video is part of PCC's JoVE subscription; a grey dot indicates it is not.
  5. You can choose between Videos, Quiz, or Playlist.
  6. Use the search box or click to view items by category. To select a video from the list, click the plus (+) sign.
  7. Click Submit.
  8. You can use the supplied activity name or create your own.
  9. Click Save and Display
  10. Your video should now be embedded.

Links for Moodle

  • Link to the JoVE database:
  • Link to an individual film:
    Open the page to the video you wish to share. Copy the link in the browser address bar. The links in this database are static and will work after the browser session has ended. Embed code is also available. 
  • If you have questions about adding JoVE content to your Moodle courses, please contact the Library. 

Services for Instructors

  • JoVE offers many services for instructors including curriculum mapping (send them your syllabus and they will map videos to your course sections), test questions, and more.
  • To create test questions, you will need to register with JoVE. Go to the page of the video for which you want to create a test, click Create Test, and click Register or Login. There is a screening process for new registrations in order to make sure you are an instructor.

JoVE Create Test