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About the Library

Food & Beverage Policy

The Beverage Policy reflects the reality that human comfort is an important part of using the Library. Please be mindful that food, beverages, and their containers can attract insects and rodents and can damage and destroy library materials, equipment and furniture. However, we recognize that the environment that is best for books, journals, and other library collections is not optimal for people.

Please help us protect the College's investment in collections and resources by following the policy and by cleaning up after yourself.


Covered containers are required. Drinks should be disposed of in the restroom sinks. Library staff will have final approval over any sort of beverage container allowed in the Library and reserve the right to exclude any container for any reason.


Beverages in covered containers are allowed everywhere in the Library.

Clean it Up/Throw it Away

Take responsibility for your spills or sticky tables and clean them up. Please clean up any spill immediately. Paper towels are available in the bathrooms. Tell a library staff member immediately if there is an accident so we can ensure that damaged materials, furniture and carpeting are properly treated and there is appropriate clean-up. Throw away or recycle your containers and bottles.

Enforcement of the Beverage Policy

We strongly prefer that our users police themselves and abide by this policy, which has been designed to balance the needs of the Library with the convenience of our patrons. The success and continuation of this policy depends wholly on the co-operation of students to keep study areas clean and free of garbage. In the event of damage to library materials or facilities, the person causing the damage may be charged for repair or replacement.


Food may be enjoyed in either the front or the back lobby of the building but is not permitted in the Library.


Effective Fall 2011