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Held Items

If you would like to be notified when a checked-out item has been returned to the Library or would like to reserve an item that is on the shelf, you will need to place a hold on that item. You can do this by using the online library catalog. Once the item becomes available, someone from the Library will contact you to let you know that the item is being held for you.

Held items can be picked up from the Circulation Desk.

Contact the Circulation Desk

  • Phone: (252) 493-7350
  • E-mail:

Find Your User ID

Your library user ID number is the number that is found on the barcode on your library card.

PCC students who use their student ID as their library card will find the barcode on the back of their student ID.

Community patrons with a library card will find their barcode number on the front of their PCC library card.

If you have not used your library card in a while, you may need to call the Circulation Desk to make sure that your library account has not expired.

User Blocked / User Not Found

If there are any problems with your account you will get a message such as: "User Blocked" or "User Not Found." If this is the case you will need to contact the Circulation Desk in order to find out why. Some reasons these messages occur include overdue items, library fines, or expired library account.

How to Place a Hold

From the Search Results list, locate the item you would like to place on hold. If you need help searching, read the library catalog search tips. Once you have found the item you want held, follow the bulleted list of instructions below. 

If you want to search for books located at other community college libraries, change Pitt to ALL on the Library Catalog search page. Then follow the instructions listed below.

  • Once you have located the item you would like to hold, click the item title link.
  • Click the Place Hold link. 
  • Fill in your user ID number in the first text box. This is the only thing you need to fill out. Do not change or edit any other fields.
  • Click the Place Hold button.
  • The next screen should list your name and user ID#, along with the title and author of the item being held. The pickup location should be Pitt.
  • When the item is available for pickup, you will be notified.