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About the Library


Location: Circulation Desk

Instructors can place materials on reserve in the library in order to make them readily available to students in their classes. Most reserve items are textbooks for courses taught at PCC. However, reserve items can also include audio visual materials, models for Biology, and computer programs.

Most reserve materials do not leave the Library; however, instructors can choose any loan period that they feel is necessary in order for their students to complete a particular assignment.

Checking Out Reserve Items

  • Reserve materials are located on the first floor behind the Circulation Desk.
  • Your library card is required for you to check out any Library materials. All reserve items must be checked out for you to use them.
  • Most reserve materials must be used in the library within a 2-hour time. The instructor selects the loan period which may include overnight, 3-days, or 1-week. These alternate loan periods have an overdue fee of $1.00 per day.
  • Please have title, course name, and course number when requesting a reserve item.
  • Please keep any notebook pages in order and please do not "borrow" pages. Inform your instructor if any notebook pages are missing, damaged, or incomplete.

Placing Items on Reserve

  1. Bring the item(s) to the Circulation Desk, which is located on the 1st floor of the library.
  2. Fill out a Faculty Reserve Form. The form is available at the Circulation Desk. You can also choose to download, print, and fill in the form beforehand.
  3. Download the Faculty Reserve PDF form.
    Note: You may need to install the Adobe Reader in order to view & print this form.
  4. Please allow at least 24 hours for processing before items are available for students to check-out.

If you have any questions about the reserve process, please contact the Circulation Desk at (252) 493-7350.